Why is Ram Navami celebrated? Find out what the Hindu scriptures say?


The birthday of Lord Rama is celebrated as the ninth festival of Rama. This is a Hindu festival. Ram is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. This festival is celebrated on the ninth day of the month of Chaitra. It usually occurs in March or April. In the Treta era, Lord Vishnu was born as the incarnation of Rama, the son of King Dasaratha and Queen Kaushalya of Ayodhya. The mention of Lord Rama is found not only in ancient Hindu scriptures but also in Jain and Buddhist texts.

On the day of this festival, good is established by defeating evil forces, religion is established by throwing half. On the morning of this festival, water is given to Surya Dev, the original deity of the Hindus, and the blessings of the supreme deity Surya Dev are accepted. On the occasion of Ram Navami, pious people recite Vedic mantras throughout the day. Throughout the day devotional songs are sung and recited from various Hindu religious books.

On this day Rama narrates the story, the day is celebrated by reciting the story of Rama. Many go to the temple, many worship the idol of Rama at home.

Who was Lord Rama?

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu has been the guardian of this world for ages. He descended on our earth in various incarnations in different eras, teaching all the people of the world to establish the victory of truth over falsehood in order to show the way to justice and truth. In the age of Treta, Rama was born as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

That is, the main purpose of observing Ram Navami is to establish religion by throwing away iniquity. Initiating good energy by destroying evil energy.

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