Who was elected “Hindi Word of 2018” after defeating Notebandi and Mitron?

Each year, a panel is formed to select the ‘word of the year’ by a few special candidates who participate in the debate.

The panel is made up of several skilled Hindi speakers such as a lawyer, a multilingual, an Indian linguist, senior editorial manager of Oxford University Press India, a writer, co-founder and co-director of Jaipur Sahitya Utsav and Mountain Eco.

The term ‘Aadhaar’ is chosen on the basis of expert evaluation of panel members and judgment of relevance, timeliness and rationality from different perspectives.

The term is chosen depending on several factors. The word of the year (“Word of the year”) is chosen based on the theoretical aspect of the word, the effectiveness of the word, the prefix of the word, its cultural significance and how long the word is likely to last that year.
The Oxford Dictionary has chosen ‘Aadhaar’ (‘Aadhaar’) as the word “Hindi Word of the Year” in 2017.

During the Jaipur Literary Festival, the word ‘Aadhaar’ was declared as ‘Hindi Word of 2017’ in the Oxford Dictionary’s Hindi Word of the Year.


The term gained popularity due to the Aadhaar card, which was in the news last year and is likely to catch the attention of the public for more time this year.
In addition to ‘Aadhaar’, 900 more words were selected. Some of them are
‘Notebandi’, ‘Mitron’, ‘Go-Rakshak’. (‘Notebandi’, ‘Mitron’, Gau-Rakshak ‘) But the word’ Aadhaar ‘has won.


The word Aadhaar is not a completely new word, its origin is found in Sanskrit. The word ‘Aadhaar’ in modern Hindi means ‘foundation’. The decision to use the term ‘Aadhaar’ for India’s new identification initiative has been at the center of a major social and political debate in India that has caught the attention of people around the world in 2016.


‘Aadhaar’ is a unique 12-digit unique identification number selected for each Indian.

The Government of India’s ‘Aadhaar’ was aimed at eradicating fake and counterfeit identities and providing social benefits to all Indians. However, the idea of ​​placing such a large number of sensitive personal information in the hands of the government has forced many to protest against Aadhaar as a violation of the fundamental rights of Indian dictatorship. Aadhaar link with all services has been made mandatory as per government directives. So the Aadhaar debate is on everyone’s face.

However, whatever the controversy, Aadhaar took its place in the Oxford Dictionary as “Hindi Word of 2017”.

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