What kind of color will you use in Holi?

Most holly paints are made by mixing oxidized metals or engine oils. The components used to make this color are – green color comes from copper sulphate, purple color chromium iodide, silver aluminum bromide, black lead oxide and glossy colored glass.

Color is made by mixing all these components. These toxic ingredients can cause skin allergies, eye irritation, blindness and more.

What kind of health damage can be caused by chemical dyes
  • Lead oxide (black): Renal failure, learning disability
  • Copper sulphate (green): eye allergy, temporary blindness
  • Chromium iodide (purple): bronchial asthma, allergies
  • Aluminum Bromide (Silver): Carcinogenic
  • Mercury Sulfite (Red): Skin Cancer
Play the swing according to Vedic

Use natural colors. Just as we can protect our skin by using natural dyes, our environment will be protected from pollution. When chemical dyes are sprayed on soil, water can cause poisoning and damage to water and organisms living in the soil.
So use organic color. Abir made with organic samples does not harm our body in any way.

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