Thoptv app Download lattest Version – Watch Live Cricket

Thoptv app Download lattest Version – Watch Live Cricket

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Thoptv App

Friends, there was a time that people used to watch serials, cartoons, movies, dramas, comedy shows, and cricket matches or any match on Tv. But with the changing times, people have now stolen TV and moved to mobile and in such a situation, apart from watching all this in TV, now everyone has started liking to watch all this in mobile. And in such a situation, people have become very much crazy about cricket matches in recent times and everyone wants to watch the cricket match from their phone itself, that too live.

And in view of this, the developers of Thoptv app created Thoptv app , which friends is a very good app and so that you can watch Live Cricket matc h . So friends, if you do not know about Thoptv app, what is Thoptv app and you want to know about it, then you can read everything about Thoptv app below, what is Thoptv app, how to download it and its use. How to watch Live Cricket match.

Thoptv kya hai

Friends, many of you must have understood by reading above that what is Thoptv and those who have not understood what Thoptv is, then I would like to tell those people that Thoptv is an app which was created by an Indian in 2020, and by which That you can watch many live shows as well as cricket which is absolutely free app. Friends, with this app you get to see more than 5000 live shows, which you can watch absolutely for free and friends, after all this, you also get to download this app absolutely free.

How To Download Thoptv App

Friends , you can read all the steps below to download Thoptv app and after that you can download Thoptv app by following all those steps.

Step 1: – First of all, you will get a download button on the top, on which you have to click.

Step 2: –   As soon as you click on it, the page will refresh and if possible, the Thoptv app will be downloaded automatically. And if it is not, then you will be asked below whether you want to download Thoptv app, then you have to click on Ok.

Step 3 :- As soon as you click on Ok, then thoptv app will start downloading.

So you can download Thoptv app by doing this.

How to Install Thoptv App

Friends , after downloading the Thoptv app, you will have to install it, which maybe some people do not know from you how they can install the Thoptv app. So by reading all the steps below, they can know how to install Thoptv app after downloading .

Step 1 :- Friends , to install Thoptv , first of all you have to open the browser from which you have downloaded Thoptv app.

Step 2 :- And after that you will see three dot in the top right side of that browser on which you have to click and after that you will see many options in which you will get an option of download on which you have to click.

Step 3: – As soon as you click on the download option, after that you will see all the files, photos, videos, which you must have downloaded from the browser. And in them you will find the file of Thoptv app at the top, on which you have to click.

Step 4: – As soon as you click on it, after that you will be asked to install whether you want to install Thoptv in your phone, then you have to click on the install button and after that Thoptv app in your phone. Will be installed.


In today’s article, I have told you about Thoptv app , in which I have told you about what is Thoptv and how to download Thoptv app and people who do not know how to install Thoptv then their It tells about how to install Thoptv .

So friends, if you have read about thoptv , then I hope that you must have liked this article today and you must have come to know about thoptv very well. So l friends, if you want to know more about Thoptv , then you must comment me on the fog and tell me by commenting once how did you like this article.

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