This device will make you a music lover, with more incredible features

The Amazon Echo is a smart speaker. This special purpose device is made by It comes with seven microphones and is built on beamforming technology, allowing the Amazon echo to be heard from any corner of your home, even while playing.

How to navigate your echo show?

You can navigate the echo display using both your voice and touch screen. Learn how to do it in the following way?

  • Go to home screen: Say, “Alexa, go to home screen”. (“Alexa, go home”). You can also swipe from the top of the Echo Show screen and select Home.
  • See available settings: Say “Alexa, go to settings”. You can also swipe from the top of the Echo display screen and select settings.
  • Scroll through a list: Say Alexa scroll up / down. You can swipe from different sides of the screen (left, right, up and down). (“Alexa, scroll up / down”).
  • Media playback: Say “Alexa, Pos” or “Next”, “Privius”, “Go back”, “Rewind” or “Forward”. (“Alexa, pause” or “next”, “previous”, “go back,” and “rewind” or “forward [hours, minutes, or seconds]”)
What to do for other specific features?
  1. Search your video library for movies and TV shows –
  2. Find a specific title –
  3. Search for an actor-
  4. How to control playback?
General description of the device

Brand Amazon
Model Echo
Type Automation Hub Controller
Color Black
App-Enabled Yes
Protocol Wi-Fi

How to set-up Amazon Echo?

First, place your device almost in the middle of any room (at least eight inches away from any walls and windows). You can place your device in different places, in your kitchen counter, in your living room, in your bedroom and anywhere else.

Download and sign Alexa App. The Alexa App is available for free. You can download Alexa App on Fire OS, Android, iOS phones, tablets. The setup process can be accomplished using the following browsers.
Chrome Chrome
Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer 10 or higher

  • How to turn on the device?
  • What to talk to Alexa?
  • How to enable multi-room music?

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