Spring has come, pox has begun. Are you eating these two things?

Spring season comes between winter and summer season. Climate change occurs during this season. The weather varies considerably throughout the day. Different types of viruses grow in the air as a result of variations in the weather and in temperate climates. Therefore, the prevalence of infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria has increased a lot this spring. Such as pox.

The patient’s sneezing, coughing and sneezing can spread the infection in the air, pox patients have water blisters on their body so let’s find out all the things that can protect us from a deadly infectious disease like pox.

However, just as there are certain diseases in each season, that season also has its antidote. All the fruits and vegetables that nature gives us as gifts in its own right have the anti-inflammatory properties of the season in almost everything.

Neem Leaves –

There are many references to the significance of the neem tree in ancient epics and myths. New leaves grow on the neem tree at the beginning of spring season. So from the beginning of this season, each of us should have some position of neem in the food list. Because neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties, which is why neem leaves enhance our immunity. If there is a patient with pox in a house, neem leaves are hung in front of the door of the house. The patient with pox is bathed with neem leaf water.

Drumstick / Drumstick flower (Drumstick flower / Drumstick leaves)

– Every part of the sajna tree has a lot of prophylactic properties. Sajna stalk, Sajna flower, Sajna vegetable has anti pox properties. So from the beginning of spring season, you must have Sajna stalk or Sajna flower or Sajna vegetable in your daily food list.

In our West Bengal, the cultivation of Sajna stalk is sufficient. From the beginning of spring season, a lot of Sajna stalks and Sajna flowers are imported in the market. Although pox is a spring disease, the last few years have seen it occur almost all year round, even in winter. So organize your food list throughout the year in a way that builds your body’s ability to resist pox.

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