Premature! 8. Huge response on social media. If you don’t see it, miss it.


How lively childhood is prematurely imprisoned in a cage. This photo got a lot of response on social media. Maybe this story matches the lives of many of us. See the story through still photographs. Watch and share the story.

Scene – 1

There will be no closed room, your khuku will be big.
Destroys premature awakening, builds a human bond. 
Where men and women
share equally.

Scene 2

Shui to get two, one on the back. 
Chu kit kit ta, which is the father-in-law’s house.

Scene 3

Sranto puppet play, now it’s my turn to go. 
How do people play puppets, ma’am?

Scene 4

Now give me a break, mother. 
I can’t and it’s too late in the dull sun.

Scene 5

Life partner, playmate don’t forget me. 
Maybe I won’t go back to your yard.

Scene – 6

After losing the play doll, Uthal gets shackled. 
Say goodbye mother, your dog gets chained 

Scene – 7

Puppets are wearing shackles to play?
I don’t want such a game, ma’am.

Scene – 8

O my play doll who is local to you?
Don’t come, you will accompany me on such a day.

Scene – 9

The dream became a dream today, stunned before the start. 
The sun set in the red evening sky.

Scene – 10

Lost notebook pen, lost companion. 
How can you have a mother without you? 

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