Gone is a small form of America’s Grand Canyon, the unprecedented beauty of West Midnapore.


Many of us who love to travel, spend a lot of money to travel far and wide, many of us may not even know about our nearest gongani. Gangani is a small form of the American Grand Canyon.

That is why I am reciting the poems of Rabindranath Tagore

“For many days, many crores away

I spend a lot, travel a lot

I went to see the mountains

I went to see the Indus

I didn’t see it

Just two feet from the house

On a grain of rice

A dewdrop “

Let’s learn about the beauty of nature’s priceless creations.

This dazzling murmur is located on the banks of the river Shilabati in the town of Garbeta in the West Midnapore district of West Bengal.

Gangani is a natural hill on the banks of Shilabati river which has become a very popular picnic spot. It is a natural river bank and soil erosion has created various spectacular types of structures. Its geographical structure is remarkable. Origin of Shilabati river from Chhotanagpur plateau. West Bengal

This deep ravine has been created by the erosion of the Shilabati river which flows along the winding path over Bankura, West Midnapore. The slope of this canyon flows down to the river, the natural landscape that is created is not generally found. The unprecedented sculptures that nature has gradually created over a long period of time are extremely fascinating to tourists. This sculpture is made of different colored clay. Mainly red, yellow, light yellow, white colored soils are found. Nature has created various kinds of sculptures like temples have been built here, forts have been built here, elephant trunks have been built somewhere, lions have stood somewhere, ships have been built somewhere, everything is very much alive. But everything is a strange beauty created by nature where there is no touch of human hand. So come back for a day.

The extraordinary, exceptional landscape in the plains of West Bengal is considered to be the Grand Canyon of Bengal. A ladder has recently been constructed by the West Bengal government, so that one can easily travel on foot in the canyon.

How to go to Ganagani?

By road:

If you decide to head out to the ‘Grand Canyon of West Bengal’, take the NH-6 from Kolkata via Via Bagnan to Uluberia. There are two different routes from there. Chandrakona Town via Ghatal or Salboni via NH-60. Or about 138 km from Kolkata – Ganagani – Santragachhi – Arambagh – Goghat – Kamarpukur – Garbeta – Ganagani.

By Train:
By train from Howrah or Santragachi to Garbeta Station near Gangani. Garbeta in a few hours by pressing the Ruposhi Bangla Express from Santragachhi. 2.1 km from there.

By bus:

Garbeta by bus from Dharmatala. 2.1 km from there.

There is no accommodation in Ganagani. There are many hotels to stay in Garbeta just 2 km away from there. The city of Garbeta has everything you need.

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