Find out the mythical and scientific interpretation of Holi

Behind the winter comes the new spring. Just as the winter leafy tree becomes green with the touch of spring wind, so Abir Ranga Basant begins with the swing of Phagun Purnima. Dol is a Hindu ritual. The origin of the Dol festival is ancient. In fact, fourth century poetry mentions the celebration of the Dol festival. Dol festival is mentioned in ancient Hindu texts. There are various explanations for how this festival started. The most popular stories are Holika Dahan and Radha-Krishna.

Holika Dahan

There was an oppressive king named Hiranyakashipu. He was very arrogant. Out of arrogance he began to think of himself as equal to God. His subjects started worshiping him for fear of his oppression, but his son Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Prahlad did not consider his father Raja Hiranyakashipu to be a god. So Hiranyakashipu assigned his demonic sister Holika to kill Prahlad. Meanwhile, the demon Holika was blessed that she would never die in the fire. So at the instruction of Hiranyakashipura, Holika took Prahlad in her lap and sat in the fire, because she knew that she would not die in the fire. Devotee Prahlad, however, was not burnt. In his true devotion to Prahlad, Lord Vishnu saved him, but Holika was burnt to ashes by the unjust application of her received groom. From that day onwards, Holi or Dol festival is celebrated on Phagun Purnima. Let the swing establish justice by suppressing injustice.

The Holika Dahan festival takes place on the night before the swing. Which is famous in our West Bengal as Nada Pora. Different types of leaves like coconut leaves, betel leaves etc. are collected and set on fire. This fireplace means to suppress the evil and establish the good. The feeling of sin in one’s mind is to be forgotten in this fire.

The story of Radha Krishna

The scientific reason for the swing

Dol is played in the spring season which comes between winter and summer. Climate change occurs in spring. During this time many types of bacterial infections occur in the atmosphere and in the body. That is why Holika Dahan or Nada Pora is celebrated on the day before Dol. This is because the temperature of the fire burning in the fire increases by 50-60 degrees Celsius. That heat destroys the bacteria in the nearby air and in our body.
In some parts of the country, after burning Holika, people apply ash on their foreheads and mix sandalwood with it. Eats mango buds. It acts as an anti-infective.

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