Easily find out what vitamins to eat

Do you know the need for vitamins in our body?

The life force that is contained in food, we simply call it vitamin or food. The amount of nutrients is much less than the amount of starchy or fatty foods that our body needs, but on the other hand, without the help of nutrition, lamb, starchy and fatty foods cannot be properly functioning. Without them, our body becomes useless.
Vitamins are divided into two parts-

  1. Fat soluble – Vitamins ‘A’, ‘D’, ‘E’ and ‘K’.
  2. Water soluble – Vitamin ‘B complex’, ‘C’.
Vitamin A – Requirements
  1. It helps in body growth
  2. Lack of it hinders the growth of the body in childhood and adolescence, causes night blindness, skin diseases, etc.
  3. This vitamin is very important for eye function.
  4. No infectious disease can easily invade the body if the required amount of Vitamin A is present in the body.
  1. This vitamin is stored in the body in combination with body fat.
  2. Vitamin A in the mother’s body, combined with breast milk, provides nutrition to babies.
  3. Vitamin A is stored in the body fat and liver.
  4. Various vegetables – red spinach, kale, spinach, spinach, cabbage, carrot.
  5. Fruits – Ripe mangoes, papayas, jackfruits, oranges, etc. contain vitamin A.
Vitamin D requirement
  1. Calcium and phosphorus, the main constituents of bone structure in the body, are especially helpful in this vitamin.
  2. Lack of this vitamin causes rickets.
  3. Without adequate amounts of vitamin D in the mother’s body, the baby’s bones cannot be formed properly, resulting in the baby not being able to stand or walk at the right time.
  4. Vitamin D is especially essential for the formation of teeth.
  1. Vitamin D is found in green leafy vegetables, milk and fatty foods.
  2. Adequate amounts of Vitamin D are stored in fish and animal fats and in the liver.
  3. Egg yolks contain sufficient amount of Vitamin D.
  4. Sunlight is the easiest way to collect vitamin D. Under the influence of sunlight, the oily substance of the skin gets heated and turns into Vitamin D.
Vitamin E requirement
  1. This vitamin is especially helpful in the formation of body fibers.
  2. In the absence of this, women and men are deprived of the benefit of children.
  1. This vitamin is present in the fat part of all types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.
  2. This vitamin is found in oranges, bananas, vegetables etc.
Vitamin K requirement
  1. Vitamin K is the main help in blood clotting in case of bleeding in the body.
  2. This vitamin is essential for pregnant and lactating mothers.
  3. Lack of this vitamin does not cause timely growth in children.
  4. This vitamin is especially helpful in bone formation and preservation.
  1. Vitamin K is found in large quantities in foods like green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, soybeans, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, etc.
  2. Fruits and starchy foods contain this vitamin.

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