‘Be one of the workers of the world’. When was this slogan created? Find out why this May Day.


May Day is celebrated as International Workers’ Day (May 1). A day to commemorate the united movement of hardworking people and the realization of rights at the cost of blood. The setting of the day was made with the history of thousands of years of exploitation and deprivation of the workers.

The so-called civilized society has always been reluctant to give the lively working class the minimum right to live as human beings. Over the centuries, the practice of torturing and torturing the working people under various pretexts and handing over the wealth produced by their labor to their own happiness and comfort has been going on for centuries. May 1st is the day of protest against the policy of deprived, exploited people against this immoral policy.

May Day was created in the blood-soaked episode of self-sacrifice, not the sweat of the workers.

The day originated from the events that took place on the streets of Chicago on May 1, 18 and subsequent events. On May 1, a trade union called for an eight-hour strike, demanding an increase in wages, a better working environment, and so on. The strike was called off in a brutal manner. Police in riot gear stormed a rally on May 3, removing hundreds of protesters by truck. The next day, workers gathered at the 4th Chicago O Market to protest.

During a speech by a leader named August Spice at the rally, the factory owners detonated a bomb, killing four workers. Six people, including Labor leader August Spice, have been charged in connection with the strike. Execution was ordered in the open. One day, Lewis Ling committed suicide in prison, and the other was jailed for 15 years. August Spice was sentenced to death. “Our silence today will be stronger than your voice,” he said before the execution. On June 26, 1893, the governor of Elias acquitted all seven men. Protests erupted across the country in protest of the killing of workers. The oppressed workers of the world are bound by the slogan “Be one of the workers of the world”.

Concerns about the future functioning of the united workers arouse panic among the industrialists and they accept the eight-hour labor day given by the workers, increase in wages, improved working environment, and many other basic demands. Since then, May 1 has been celebrated as a memorial day for workers’ unity.
May 1 – International Labor Day is celebrated as a holiday in many parts of the world. In our West Bengal this day is declared as a state public holiday.

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